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The Webheads are a world-wide, cross-cultural, and vibrant online-community of educators with an open enrollment for anyone who wants to join. There are many sites by and for Webheads. This site is an attempt to create a Webheads 2.0 portal for our amazing community.  Mo. 

EVO 2015

For five weeks in January-February, participants and ESOL experts can engage in collaborative, online discussion or hands-on virtual workshops of professional and scholarly benefit. These sessions will bring together participants for a longer period of time than is permitted by land-based professional development conventions and will allow a fuller development of ideas than is otherwise possible.  Sessions are free and open to anyone around the globe.


 EVO2015 Closing Webcast 
participants reflect on their EVO experience

Download mp3 file (52MB)


Opening Ceremony Recording at:


Using Moodle as a Bridge to Blended Learning

Flipped Learning



Creating eTextbooks


EVO Minecraft MOOC

MachinEVO 2015:  Machinima for Learners of English


Dream Act: What Teachers Can Do


Educators and Copyright: Do the Right Thing

Teaching EFL to Young Learners

International Writing Exchange

Moodle for Teachers (M4T)

Non-Native English Speakers in TESOL

and Collaborative Teaching



Teaching Pronunciation Differently



Learning2gether with David Winet about using WeChat and Polleverywhere for live, in-class, corrected on-the-fly student writing

Learning2gether with David Winet about using WeChat and Polleverywhere

for live, in-class, corrected on-the-fly student writing


Sunday May 17, 2015

What was it about? 
David Winet will show online participants how he entices his students to write enthusiastically, and with purpose using WeChat and Pollanywhere. Used skillfully, these tools can enhance students' style, syntax, grammar and structure. By dint of the student wanting to communicate effectively, he/she will little by little adopt the conventions that make effective, powerful communication easier. Dave will reveal the skills he uses with these tools
The definitive achive of this event, containing details of its truncation due to modem failure, is here:

How this worked at showtime May 17, 2015

  • You can listen to the stream in the video embed above, which will go live on the day
  • You can chat with us in real-time in the Chatwing space below
    or open the chat in a new window here
  • You can listen to the stream at its YouTube URL:
  • If there is space available (up to 10 people) you are welcome to join us in the Hangout on Air
    • It is a public hangout in the profile of Vance Stevens on Google+
    • Join the conversation on the Google+ event page:
    • You can join us in HoA via its direct link
      The link was posted here just before the HoA started live
    • If the Hangout is full, listen to the stream and interact with us in the text chat
      • You can let us know if you want to join the Hangout
      • We will let you know via the stream when space comes available
      • When you enter the Hangout
        • Wear a HEADSET to avoid broadcasting speaker sound back into the Hangout
        • Switch OFF the stream as it is on a delay and will create an echo for you
        • Please MUTE YOUR MIC when not actually speaking into it during the HoA

Before, during, and after the live event, you can chat with us in the chat space above
and / or join the conversation on the Google+ event page

Connect with the Chatwing from any browser at

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