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The Webheads are a world-wide, cross-cultural, and vibrant online-community of educators with an open enrollment for anyone who wants to join. There are many sites by and for Webheads. This site is an attempt to create a Webheads 2.0 portal for our amazing community.  Mo. 

EVO 2019

The Electronic Village Online 2019


For five weeks in January and February, TESOL experts and participants from around the world engage in collaborative online discussions or hands-on virtual workshops of professional and scholarly benefit. These sessions bring together participants for a longer period of time than is permitted by land-based professional development conventions and allow a fuller development of ideas than is otherwise possible.


Sessions are free and open to anyone around the globe. It is not necessary to be a TESOL or IATEFL member nor to attend the TESOL

Convention in order to participate. All you need is access to the Internet.


We invite you to choose a session from this year's offerings listed below. Please inform your colleagues about this unparalleled professional development opportunity!





The EVO 2019 Coordination Team



EVO Communities



The Electronic Village Online Hashtag is:  #evosessions   

Click on the title of a session below to view the complete session description. You will find instructions on how to join the session on that page.





Learning2gether 342 in Hangout on Air Vance Stevens and Jeff Lebow - What is going on with HoA, and what to do about it?

Sunday, August 28, 2016 - 1400 UTC / GMT

We had scheduled this as a last Hangout on Air, since HoA was due for the scrap heap. However,  we were unable to make the HoA work due to unreadable audio. Jeff and Vance connected on Skype and got clear audio, so it was something wrong with HoA.

Jeff had posted a plan C at and was able to stream there on YouTube/live (the replacement for HoA after Sept 12, 2016) with voice provided in Skype. Those who came to were able to find us in Chatwing at and enter the Skype call that way. So sorry we were unable to communicate this at the time (not enough fingers nor brain cells) but we did get recordings, mine in Camtasia and Jeff's Plan C available at, and now archived here.


In the recordings, enjoy Webheads Learning2gether flying by its signature seat-of-its-pants.

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