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The Webheads are a world-wide, cross-cultural, and vibrant online-community of educators with an open enrollment for anyone who wants to join. There are many sites by and for Webheads. This site is an attempt to create a Webheads 2.0 portal for our amazing community.  Mo. 

Learning2gether with Robert Wachman about Shaping the Way we Teach English, with guest Deborah Healey

Learning2gether with Robert Wachman

talking about his experience with Shaping the Way we Teach English

and attend TESOL conferences virtually

14:00GMT, Sunday April 13, 2014 

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Fri Mar 14 2014 Vance Stevens streams Hangout Happening live from TESOL Arabia Dubai

Hanging out talking 'bout iPads

14:00GMT , March 9, 2014 (global times)


Sun Mar 9 1400 GMT Vance Stevens hosts another session on iPads in language learning


This Sunday, we're giving iPads a little more thought.  Where I work we're just now in a position of giving out iPads and having to manage their use into something productive to learning at some point in this coming week.  That is, we'll give the iPads out, have the students set them up and download a set of apps, and then ask them to produce something relating to the curriculum (geared to having them pass IELTS listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar). 


Last week the topic was of interest to several colleagues and this week I hope to bring a little more research to the table than what I had on hand at our last meeting, and update you with my findings on Sunday.


I am preparing by compiling what i have learned about iPads into something practical and useful. I'm blogging what I'm coming up with here, please add your comments:  


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Here are some of the links we covered today.

I forget to capture the text chat with its links but Rita was able to recall what she had placed there while it was fresh on her mind:


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