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Webheads meet up in Second Life

Here is a montage of some of the faces of the Webheads in Second Life...

a prize for those who can you identify who is who!

...and here are some photos of the Webheads meeting in Second Life last Sunday

Raw Audio - download mp3 (31MB, 2:15:48)

WebheadsInSecondLife-2006-10-15-raw.mp331.09 MB


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Who's Who?

I'm the one with bright blue hair who was bopping around the garden like a crazy teenager on Sunday. Thanks for the file Graham! I was also physically dancing in front of my screen. Contagious stuff! I can put avatar to real life name here having bumped into and chased after these 'identities' last weekend whilst giving running commentary and asking/replying to questions at the same time in Tapped In but I suggest that everybody makes it again on Sunday for more 'fun learning'! I have taken the liberty of copying these pictures into my 'fun' blog

Weird life

I was there as well, but apparently my computer was stressed and I hd problems moving around - it was freezing most of the time so I had to restart. We were having a parallel chat in TI, but I never found out how to chat in SL and even less so how to get audio. I could eventually make the surroundings spin around myself, but all of the time i saw myself from the back side only,and that was also how I finally saw people who were inside this webheads hut, faceless . Then again yesterday I went in to see what I could do, because I felt disembodied in a tall long legged model teeenager Barbie like character. And I could change my body shape. But then, oh my DOG! I lost all of my clothes apart from those ugly clumsy choes and long gloves! That does look quite nasty! Apparently I would have to buy clothes for Linden money.And that's something I wish to avoid as long as I can, also because tehr was a compromising vulnerability in the SL system a few weeks ago, so that hackers could steal account details, and passwords.And to have Skype open too would be far out on my old slow computer...Well - I certainly hope to find out more soon - for now the experience is still quite puzzling. I also want my own real name which is a good plain name. The choice of last names are really very limiting to a US centric culture of past European Immigrant-alike names...

Second Life tour last night

How can I add a photo here? I met Venny on SL and took a snapshot. Never too late to become Webhead!

yaodong in SL (I was admiring all webhead member in edunation office of SL.Vance helped to upload the snapshot there.)

story | by Dr. Radut