Personal Learning Environments - Exploring Professional Development in a Networked World.

Presenter (s): 

Konrad Glogowski and Christopher Sessums


Presentation Update

Presentation Venue:

Christopher and I are delighted to have this opportunity to present at the WiAOC 2007 Conference. Our presentation will be in the form of a talkcast, hosted by

Please click here to access the presentation page. Once the presentation begins, you will have two options on that page:

"Listen Only" - to listen to the live stream (no talkshoe account required).

"Listen, Text, or Talk Live" - to comment or ask a question live on our podcast.  (You will need a account and a talkshoe client to participate. You can sign up for an account and download the client here).

Below is the outline of our presentation:

Professional Development in a Networked World

I. Introductions: (5 min)


Setting the Stage: Logistical considerations of today's presentation (2 min)

Brief discussion regarding the format for presentation

Introduce our topic and briefly review agenda

Topic 1: Read/Write Web and its impact on education/educators: personal and theoretical considerations (5 min)

Konrad describes his situation and how Read/Write Web has effected his teaching & learning practice

Christopher describes his situation and how Read/Write Web has effected his teaching & learning practice

How did theory impact your thinking and practice?

Topic 2: Teacher Professional Development and the Read/Write Web (25 min)

How do we see TPD and Read/Write Web intersecting today?

What examples of TPD & Read/Write Web do we see as effective?

What are the theoretical implications of this?

Break 2: Q & A (10 min)

Topic 3: Konrad and Christopher’s Personal Horizon Report: What do we see happening in the future regarding TPD & R/W Web? (15 min)

Break: Q & A (10 min)

Wrap up: (10 min)

What did we learn today?

Potential for Future Conversations

Where to get more information on examples mentioned today?

Hope to see you there!

- Konrad