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How far have we managed to use all tools we are proposing to include in our pres?

Hi, our Gentleman and all three ladies,

This will be as from now on, the corner we can use to get together and where to pose our queries and share our answers and findings.

I'm sure none of us has managed to exploit all the tools we are proposing in our pres, fully, as we started working with our students as early as two months ago... So if we have been successful in rushing through the three tools we will be describing and commenting on, so far, I'm sure we will all  still need some time for further training and for more experience and feedback.

I myself have presented Technorati, Bloglines and  and provided a "facilitated" description of their advantages and benefits, but not all my students have used them yet. In fact, several have opened their blogs, not all. Some have "tagged" them successfully, but some others still find some concepts difficult to grasp.

What has your experience been like? Let's share outcomes and  "troubles and tribulations" !

In the meantime, we are now heading for Friday..., the day when we will explain the rationale for our common project... I hope everything will go smoothly and successfully, we have all done our best, am sure.

Then we'll have the time to polish our findings where necessary and go on experimenting to get still better results..

Good luck, girlies, and dear Vance: thank you for having relied on us!!


Hi Rita.I'm very sorry that

Hi Rita.
I'm very sorry that I missed your presentation with Vance and others on Friday. I was busy with an entry-test deadline for a 3-year art course! I'm sure I would have enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot. I'm wondering whether (and how) we can link this space to our ICE/IWE space at

Can you advise please?

I'll be following your project with interest:-)


Founder of the International Writing Exchange (1993)

Hi Buth

Dear Buth,

I read  about your wonderful writing exchange and am very happy to meet you here .  I hope you will start tagging and join the WM  - the more, the merrier :-). 



Hi, Ruth, I'm so very glad

Hi, Ruth,

I'm so very glad you are going ahead with your artistic vein ... ;-)

As to our pres, it all went well, and, Vance did an excellent job cat-herding and knowledge-herding...;-).

Seconding what Vance has said, you're very welcome to join us, and to invite your students to tag their blog postings writingmatrix so that they can find each other and share similar interests once they get in contact.

It will be a good idea to see how all this process of buliding up a network of like-minded people develops and expands across the globe...., hopefully!

Thank you very much for your interest and your proposal, we look forward to counting on your students for a joint project.

My very best,


Reply to Ruth

Hi Ruth,

I saw your message here and in case you check back or subscribed to the feed, of course you could join our project.  There wouldn't be an overt link here to your project, but if your students tag their blog postings writingmatrix then perhaps some students in this project will come on them through Technorati, and of course your students can try and learn how tagging works by searching for students already here.

Our next step is to get students following each other's posts in bloglines, and then to start tagging the posts they like in and seeing where that leads them.

If you feel that will enrich your students and your project you are welcome to join in the F.U.N.


Hi Vance, Riita, Sasha and

Hi Vance, Riita, Sasha and all,


Thank you for your greetings. It was good to hear you and others at Worldbridges. Have you tried Operator11 since then? I saw Jeff very well (in 10 still positions as well as video) but I could see no-one else. He's wonderful though, isn't he?

I have some students from Japan and France, and possibly Korea too who will be creating some Culture Spaces at

Can you please point out some simple instructions so they (and your students) can subscribe to each others' feeds, tag each other and/or whatever will link us well and truly please? I have Delicious (and some stuff there) but have not mastered this tagging and linking very well.

Greetings from Finland in the Spring!


Founder of the International Writing Exchange (1993)

Tagging and subscribing

Hi Ruth,

I'm very sorry I misspelled your name in my previous post :-(. 

Concerning tagging: I simply asked my students to use the following tags: 'writingmatrix' (to show they are part of the project), 'rostilj' (to show they are part of our group), and any other tag which they want to describe the contents of their post.

Concerning subscribing to feeds: I asked them to open a Bloglines account (some also tried Google Reader) and start subscribing to blogs of interest, by subscribing to our class blog first. My students had no problems following Bloglines (and Google Reader) instructions.

Searching for blogs of interest: we tried Technorati (search for 'writingmatrix' 'in tags') and other search engines; my students have dropped some comments around to other writingmatrix blogs but they have mostly interacted between themselves  - my guess is because they know each other well and get a response back soon. Another reason is maybe also the fact that the project started when we joined - many other writingmatrix students were still opening their first blogs and finding their way around. Now school year is about to end here - but is in full swing on the other side of the globe... 

Concerning - I asked my students to open an account and share their favorites there - only one student has done it and posted this on her blog side bar. She simply followed instructions. 

Now I'm not yet quite sure how to go on... the summer break is starting here.... I follow what others have been doing.



Instructions on Tagging successfully with Technorati

Hi, Ruth,

These are the instructions to "tag" successfully using Technorati, a blog searcher which will give students the chance to look for other bloggers sharing their interests, and with whom to connect.

Please, see that they are comprehensible enough not to deter students from going ahead with the project...;-)

Using Tecnorati for Tagging successfully

  • Go to Tecnorati at
  • Open an account
  • Go to "My Account"
  • Click on the "Blogs" tab
  • Go to "Claim a Blog" and write your blog url
  • You'll see "Begin Claim" and will get a choice for next step, just pick the simpler, "Post Claim".
  • Activate the claim using "post claim".
  • Follow Instructions.
  • Once you have successfully claimed your blog, complete the Edit Blog Settings form, where you'll need to write the tags that will describe yours, and HERE, include wrtingmatrix.
  • When done, you'll see "My Claimed Blogs". Click on "Ping".
  • You can now check for your blog's new content. There's no need to "Automate this", as this option will demand some knowledge of html. Your blog will now appear in your "Blog Directory search".

Have you seen my proposal for a new project called "The Serendipity Project" I described at 

If your students would like to join mine in this venture, they should then tag "serendipity" as well,so that they can get in contact with all those interested.

We are all learning as we go through, so do not hesitate to give me feedback/raise any suggestions or queries to improve the project and make it easier and more fun for all students.

Thank you very much for joining us, your expertise is very valuable!



at work through May 29, then free to chime in

Just letting you know i'm keeping my eye on this.  I'm snowed under with grades due May 29.  At that point my attention will come to this thread.  Till then, Vance

How far

Hi, everybody. I wrote a lot yesterday but pressed the wrong key and everything disappeared :(

Well, today we had our presentation, and I am very happy and pleased. I think webmatrix is a very good experience because we not only intereact with our students but also among ourselves- we share the experience in different directions.

I completely agree with Doris: think it's more productive that way... sometimes in a regular class... you spend a lot of time explaining grammar and doing zillion of exercises ... this way we are doing something meaningful with English... something you're going to be doing for a long period of time or can continue doing for a long time..."  And participants realized it. They are working with the language authenticaly.

 As I have told Vance, I am planning to continue with the project because my people  and I had only time for tagging. I would like to go on with it and start with RSS.

I also found two articles about tagging I would like to share  and discuss with you because the whole buzzing about tagging is not completely clear for me- although it is much more clearer that at the beginning- .

Well, that is all for now. I have plenty to write in the wiki. I don´t know how you can work so much! You are really hard working people.

I am very happy to belong to this project.

Nelba Quintana

Re: How far...

Dear Rita and others,

Thank you very much for your kind wishes and for creating this friendly corner. Also thank you, Vance and Rita, for coaching us so patiently at LT - it's been most helpful. I hope I'll be able to do alright tomorrow.

Concerning the tools we've been exploring - my students have mostly opened the blogs and concentrated on publishing posts and comments. Some of them have also been using Bloglines and 3 (I think) have also experimented a bit with Technorati and

I haven't presented any of these tools in class - I just gave them instructions in our wiki and asked them to post reflections on the tools they have been using. They haven't posted them, so I don't really know where they are. My students are computer engineering students so they are quite computer savvy. But they are very busy right now, because our school year is approaching the end and the exam period is about to begin (our English course ended more than 3 weeks ago). Plus they are employed adults (mostly with families) attending evening classes - they really don't have much free time. I'm happy they are still around and hope they will keep up for some more time.  

You all have many good whishes for luck tomorrow from me as well. It's great to be part of this team. :-)


Hello from Venezuela

Hi, there! My dear adventure companions. This experience has been full of nice surprises. Thanks so much for sharing what's going on with your students so I can compare it with what's happening with mine and feel Ok. We are OK... we are trying our best and they are trying their best, too. My guys as you surely have seen are many, many, students.... starting many, many blogs. This is our first experience working with blogs or with anything related to internet and posting your ideas to the world to see... It's been an intereting journey, a journey of discovery and amazing yourself with what you can do if you put a little work to it. We haven't had the chance to work with technorati or bloglines or delicious... they have just written their key words in their blogs and that'll all the tagging with have done so far... we still have a lot of classes to go through so we'll have the time to work on that...

As Sasha describes her students... mine are not very different from hers. Mine are university students with a lot of responsibilities and short time... so I'm taking time from my regular classes and working on the project and syllabus at the same time. I think it's more productive that way... sometimes in a regular class... you spend a lot of time explaining grammar and doing zillion of exercises ... this way we are doing something meaningful with English... something you're going to be doing for a long period of time or can continue doing for a long time... they are involved and feel in command ... it's not a teacher's responsability .. it's their work and if they do it or not... they are responsible for that... of course now they understand the importance of working with other students... I mean it's not a big deal if you haven't used internet or computers before... you will be able to do what others are doing with the help of the others. Well, got to go... that's the story of my life... Keep on shining! Love you all!!


Best wishes!

Dear Sasha—and Rita and Vance and others,

I wish you total success with your project and with your presentation on Friday.

I admire the fact that you have kindled interest among your students in blogging and tagging and are willing to share your experiences in how this has been accomplished. The balance of leading and facilitating that you have displayed with your students is surely an inspiration for all who are involved in and/or interested in computer-mediated communication.

 Dennis in Phoenix

to Dennis

'Hvala', dear Dennis, for your kind wishes. And for being there with us. It's great to have a friend like you.

'velik, topel objem,'

Saša ;-)

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