Coaching Wall

­WiAOC 2007 Coaching Central

The purpose of this space is to bring together people who NEED coaching with people who can provide it.  It's a wall, and anyone can write on it.

If you need coaching on how to manage your presentation in a given venue, indicate here how we can help you. Then we will put you in touch with a coach who can give the help that you need.


Help wiki: with tips for presenters and participants

name & e-mail address
and/or instant messaging ID

venue for which help

is offered or needed (Alado,
Learning Times, etc.)

 specific question(s)

Vance Stevens
(email or IM)

can help or find help with any event

Moira Hunter
YM ID  moira_hunter2005
Skype ID m­oirahunter

can coach and/or moderate virtual rooms ­
 Sedat Akayoglu
Yahoo IM: sakayoglu
Skype: sakayoglu
can moderate or coach virtual rooms.  

 Chris Jones
YM ID edtec2002

 can coach Elluminate at Learning Times and Alado  

 Anne Fox

YM ID: foxdenuk

 I emailed Anne what I wrote in orange at right.  If other coaches take on an assignment, can you indicate who's dealing with questions asked here? Thanks, Vance


 Learning Times/Elluminate  Is it possible for me to play a 5 minute audio file? If so how? - I think you could direct people to a web page where the recording can be played and have them click on it and play it (we've done that before, though no telling what happens for five min, though you could discuss in text chat what's happening).  Or you could play it over your speakers (a little tacky - Vance).
 Mona Younes at  needs help with Elluminate.  Can someone contact her?  Enter your name here if willing (Vance)
 Learning Times/Elluminate

 I agreed to help her - Chris

Good, thanks, Vance

 Paul Scott


 Can I do a test run of the presentation with Elluminate before the actual presentation day?

Yes, LT has 3  practice rooms available at: 

Also, you can practice in the webheads room - contact me (Dafne

Barbara Dieu
Skype: beedieu 

can coach Elluminate and

Time availability:

from 23:00 GMT onwards

Monday 14th to Wednesday 17th

send me an email if interested and we will meet there.

 Nina Liakos
Skype/YM: nina_liakos 


 What are my options for attaching content (links, images, media, fora) to my presentation?

 Nina's had a trial run in IW and will use that. Moira Hunter


Skype: dafnegon939
YM: dygonza 

 can coach Elluminate and  Alado  
 Cristina Costa

Skype: cristinacosta_pt
YM: navysternchen

Can coach/moderate Elluminate and/or  Alado  

 Peter Travis


 I'm presenting on Saturday (Podcasting and Skype). I could do with help on a) the technicalities of using elluminate as a presenter and b) advice on how to manage the talk - how long to talk for, how long to allow for questions. (Never done this before!) Thanks Peter: Go to the Presenters' Help section of the Help Wiki (link below). In particular, look at the first two items (joining Learning Times and Self-Access Training Materials). Click HERE to go directly to Presenters' Help.— D. Oliver Thanks. One question: will there be a moderator in the room with me or will that be down to me? Hey Peter, I've just put myself down as your moderator, convenient time for me.  We hope to have a moderator at every session, Vance Peter has been assisted, taken care of - Vance


  Anne Fox


 I cannot get the Elluminate converter to work and need a volunteer to do it for me and send me the resultant file.

Send your file to me - Chris Jones - at, and I'll convert it. I can also help you with it online if we can find a synchronous time to meet. Anne Fox  ???

 I have indicated a willingness to continue the discussion in asynchronous mode but am puzzled as to where this will take place. Last year it was Moodle but there seems to be nothing set up there. So could it be here at ? I have inserted some text for my calendar entry here but where could I place a forum?

OK I found the forums here now! Excellent, Vance

 Perry Christensen

 Looking for Alado password  I'll be presenting in Alado and am looking for a password? In the mean time I've uploaded my powerpoint as an HTML at is there something else I should do?